English Urban Summer Camp: Day 28

Well it is that time again, time to say goodbye. I would rather say see you soon, as for many of us we will see each other in September and if not we hope you join us again in our future camps.

Today as it was our last day we have had a day packed with different activities.

We have enjoyed a basketball training circuit, and played duck duck goose where our monitors also joined in the fun.

We made our very own stress relief balls, filling the balloons with corn flour and shaving foam. We also ended up having a small foam fight which was great fun.

After, we have had a blast with the water guns and hose pipe, where once again the monitors all joined in. The children loved getting us soaked!

To finish off our day we watched the film Rio based in Brazil.

Have a brilliant summer and we all hope to see you again next summer!

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