English Urban Summer Camp: July, Final Day

Warm farewell

Today was our last day. Lots of nerves from first thing this morning, finishing off the details of the set and our costumes for our Indonesian Show.
I want to emphasize that both the costumes, and the decoration of our stage have been made by our children …. palm trees, plants, flags, necklaces, fans, etc etc, everything has been their very own work in their craft sessions.
Finally, the moment came, it was time for our show…. considering we are not professional musicians and for many this is the first time they have come in contact with these instruments, it turned out great!
Tears, hugs, and warm kisses between them and their monitors.
A great job guys … a great team …
We will see each other in upcoming camps, and we will continue to keep up the hard work 🤪.
Happy Holidays.



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