English Urban Summer Camp: July, Day 12

On the meridian

We are in the meridian of the workshop, we have mastered two dances, and three melódics rhythmic accompaniments for them. As a complement to our Indonesian training, we have become familiar with the creation for a typical instrument… the bread flute. For this, with the help of our teacher, we have selected plastic canes,simulating the bambu, and we created our bread flute.

We loved the experience of seeing that we are able to créate our own instrument, wich we then play.

In these days we continue to perfect our melodies and try to play with the musical dynamics and nuances, aspect that cost us a bit for their difficulty, but we know what we are going to achieve.

Finally, just like every day, we proceded to meditated after eating, to establish a reflection of What was done during the day, and dedicate ourselves a few minutes to find ourselves in peace.
Great day today.

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