English Urban Summer Camp: July, Day 10

Foamy Friday! 🐠

Friday is finally here! Today we have had our much anticipated bubble bath party.

Before breakfast we had our usual routine of activities, we got to keep up with Indonesia and it’s culture and later on we took off more and more clothes… for the huge bubble bath! During the bubbly party we did quite a few things, like warming up first: stretching our bodies, wiggling our joints and getting ready, in general, for the fun!

Shortly Before the crazy foam machine was turned on, we also did a bit of aerobics with the entertainer, she was great! We danced to Shakira, Daddy Yankee and other famous artists; we even danced to the adorable «Soy una taza.» song, all together as one big group of kitchen utensils. 🍴

The bubble bath was great, we all enjoyed the refreshing feeling of the bubbles and foam on our skin! There were so many bubbles it looked like snow, it was super fun and si similar to snow that some of us did «bubble angles» and played with the foam, creating crazy hair styles, playing volleyball with the bubbles surrounding us and so on. 😎

When it was time to go, we took our little Zinnias home, to take care of them. 🌱

See you on Monday! ☀

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