English Urban Summer Camp: July, Day 9

Today has been a different day, we had a visit from “Coordinadora de personas con discapacidad física de canarias”. They came to raise awareness of the difficulties that people with physical disabilities suffer each day. To start off the children were given crutches and they had to reach the other side of the playground hopping on one leg, using the crutches to help them. Afterwards in pairs they sat in a wheelchair ( one child sat and the other pushed) and they had to weave between the cones arriving at a ramp that they had to go up, this was not easy, they had to assure that the wheelchair was in line with the ramp. Once down the other side of the ramp the children reached a walker which they used to get to a table where they found themselves with a variety of activities.

First they had to complete daily chores using only one hand, open a bottle, tie laces, complete a small puzzle, button and unbutton and finally zip and unzip a jacket. Finally the children had their eyes covered (as if they were blind) and they had to use their other senses to guess what they were given using their touch and smell.
The children have learnt how hard it can be when we have one of our senses taken away.
We have really enjoyed the experience and worked together as a team to complete the tasks.

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