English Urban Summer Camp: Day 5

Fun Friday!

Today was a little different, we started off our morning with a stroll in the park, singing along to walking in the jungle searching to a see what animals we could find. There were different insects, birds and all shapes and sizes of different dogs. We found a spot of shade and sat in a circle to eat our breakfast. Shortly after we went on the hunt for frogs, hopping along the way until we reached the pond. The frogs were hiding between the flowers and grass and were hard to spot although we did manage to see a couple. We wondered back to the school just in time to play some sports outside before it started to rain and the fun had to continue inside. We played a game where we hid fruit flashcards, the monitor shouted out a fruit (in English) and the children had to find the corresponding flashcards. We also played lots of board games together after lunch, we were dancing to mini disco songs where we have to listen carefully to be able to follow the dance moves, it was great fun!

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