English Urban Summer Camp: Day 15

They say Friday is the best day of the week and in our camp it certainly was!

In the morning we planted lavender seeds with Groups 3 and 4, they watered their seedbeds while groups 1 and 2 were preparing their costumes for the festival.

After breakfast, we did a Gymkhana. The first ones were groups 3 and 4 who enjoyed the 3 courses we prepared, a relay race with their shoes tied together, a wheelbarrow race and then a small assault course whereas groups 1 and 2 were having loads of fun in the pools. Then came their turn, they all did a small assault course and then a very fun and different race, an ANIMAL race, we made teams of 8 or 9, and each team member was an animal for example a donkey and that person had to walk in all fours and do the animals’ noise. Groups 3 and 4 went to the pools to have fun and relax after the different trials.

And like that, another week has gone by.

See you all on Monday with more fun!