English Urban Summer Camp: Day 3

Today our fun filled day started off with a warm up, we played alert and frisbee. After our sports we went and washed our hands ready for breakfast, once breakfast had finished it was time to get ready for some pool fun. We splished and splashed and had a great cool off. Before our lunch we enjoyed some time with paint starting our beautiful butterflies to let them dry and finish off tomorrow. In the afternoon we had a small experiment, mixing cornflour with water to make glupe. This «substance» can be described in so many ways, it is soft, hard, liquid, solid and powder, also very messy and great fun.

See you tomorrow!!


English Urban Summer Camp 2019: Day 1

Today has been our first day together, and due to reasons out of our hands we have not been able to enjoy the playground as much as we would have liked to. However, we have been very bus and done many activities. The older children managed to have a game of basketball and football. For the younger children we set up a small gymkhana course, with jumping and weaving. The children have also enjoyed a variety of boards games such as the crazy monkeys and jenga. As well as, the children have coloured a summer picture for their portfolio, also made our very own picture with stickers. And not forgetting our music fun practicing our English vocabulary with the action songs.

We have had a great start to our summer fun!

Encuentro de baloncesto en familia

Muy enriquecedor el Encuentro de Baloncesto en Familia celebrado con Funcasor, en sus instalaciones de Tegueste.

El evento, organizado por la Fundación Canaria para Personas con Sordera, ha contado este año con la colaboración de la Fundación canarista.

La difusión de hábitos saludables y el baloncesto se dieron la mano en una intensa jornada de ocio con charlas informativas. ¡Gracias a TOD@S por la implicación!