English Urban Summer Camp Hispano Inglés 2018 (Inscripción)

Adjuntamos toda la información y la inscripción online para una nueva edición del English Urban Summer Camp que se realiza en el Colegio Hispano Inglés en los meses de junio y julio. El campamento está organizado por SPORteam Consulting bajo la coordinación de Jöel Hernández Claverie y con la colaboración del Conservatorio Oficial de Música de Hispano Inglés.

Happy Easter from our Urban Camp!

These three days have been non stop hoppin’ fun! Full of Easter themed activities and more.

To name a few, on Monday we had a round of Hot Potato, which the children loved to play! The winner was Antonio (Congrats!). Then we made some portraits related to Easter, they were all very cute and we also had fun while we climbed the rocky wall. The kids were super brave, even the youngest gave it a try! Later on we had some fun with a few games like Chess, Parchis, Tic Tac Toe, or role playing with toys.

On Tuesday we had our cute egg race with a spoon! Everybody had great balance, the eggs only fell a few times! The winner of the race was Kyra (Congrats!). She finished in just 15 seconds! After that, we played Guess the Animal, we had to imitate and act as animals (with no sound!) and the others had to guess. The winner, with most points was Dario (Congrats!). We also had lots of fun decorating a cute easter bunny sheet with different craft materials while watching some videos and cartoons related to Easter, like Peppa Pig.

On the last day, we played Musical Chairs while we sang a danced the song Happy by Pharrell, that was playing along a Minions short, it was one of the best activities! The winner was Julia! (Congrats!) We also had a great time making Easter eggs out of Play-Doh and decorating them with different colours of Play-Doh and stickers, they were all great!

Even though it wasn’t many days; we had a blast here at the English Easter Urban Camp and hope you all enjoy the rest of the holidays!

Semana Santa Colegio Hispano Inglés – Inscripción online

Les remitimos información sobre Semana Santa 2018 – Actividades en inglés, que se celebrarán en las instalaciones del colegio los días 26, 27 y 28 de marzo, dirigido a niños y niñas desde E.I. 3 años hasta E.P. 6º, en horario de 7:45 a 14:00 horas. Estas actividades las organiza SPORteam Consulting S.L. y estarán coordinadas por D. José Carlos Hernández Rizo.


 URBAN CAMP. Dirigido a niños y niñas desde E.I. 3 años hasta E.P. 4º

Manualidades, multideporte,patines…. todo en inglés.

BASKET IN ENGLISH. Dirigido a niños y niñas desde E.P. 1º a E.P. 6º

Entrenamientos de técnica individual con escaleras, vallas, gafas, tossback,

Todo en inglés.

DÍAS: 26,27 y 28 de marzo

HORARIO DE ACTIVIDADES – de 9:00 a 13:30 horas

PERMANENCIA – de 7:45 a 9:00 horas y de 13:30 a 14:00 horas

PRECIO:  3 días – 40 €


INFORMACIÓN: 607 255 995

TELEFONO durante las actividades   654 765 207


Entregando el boletín de inscripción cumplimentado en Secretaría, hasta el 23 de marzo a las 14:00 horas, o bien rellenando la solicitud online a través de la web www.sporteamconsulting.com El ingreso se realizará en CaixaBank y el resguardo del ingreso se entregará en Secretaría junto a la hoja de inscripción o bien enviado por email a sporteamcampus@gmail.com

Cuenta corriente para efectuar el ingreso: 2100 6617 82 2201374833

Winter Wonderland Week! (Xmas Urban Camp Colegio Hispano Inglés)

Our super Christmas week was full of fun, winter themed activities and games and lots of cute smiles! We started each day with some sport, to stretch, get ready and heat up a little bit (since it was so chilly!). ⛄
On Tinsel Tuesday we did lovely Christmas postcards, we’re going to send them to the Three Wise Men. We sure hope we don’t get any charcoal, I doubt it though, all of the children have been very good!

Next, on Winter Wednesday we watched The Incredibles by Pixar, the kids really wanted ti see it and we loved the action-packed film! Later, we made adorable little bookmarks that had Santa Claus’ hat and clothes, they all ended up pretty nice. We also sang and listened to some traditional English Carols (you could say we really did «jingle all the way» heehee).

Thankfulness Thursday was great fun, we played games like Hot Potato and the winner was… Miguel! Second place: Darío and third place: Blanca. We also practices our English with some activity sheets, which includes things like crosswords, dot-to-dots, word search/alphabet soup, etc., each one specifically for each age group, After that, we all said what was our favorite aspect about Christmas season.

And last but not leasts… Festivity Friday! We had a magic themed day, which included: watching a Harry Potter Quidditch match and then… making our DIY brooms and golden snitches so we could actually play a (Muggle) Quidditch match!

What a week, we can’t wait for the next one! We wish you a vert Happy New Year and have lots of fun! See you soon!

Christmas Urban Camp 2017

Les remitimos información sobre Christmas Urban Camp 2017, campamento en inglés, que se celebrará en las instalaciones del Colegio Hispano Inglés los días 26, 27, 28 y 29 de diciembre y 2, 3, 4 y 5 de enero, dirigido a niños y niñas desde E.I. 3 años hasta 6º E.P., en horario de 7:45 a 14:15 horas.

Esta actividad la organiza SPORteam Consulting S.L. y estará coordinada por José Carlos Hernández Rizo.


1 día – 20€

Días 26, 27, 28 y 29 de diciembre – 70€

Días 2, 3, 4 y 5 de enero – 70€

8 días – 120€

El precio incluye permanencia, refrigerio y seguro

Información: 607255995 y sporteamcampus@gmail.com