English Urban Summer Camp: Day 1

Let the fun begin!

Today has been the start of our super fun summer camp! First thing this morning we spent some time to get to know each other, then we made the most of being outside doing some sports activities, basketball, a relay race and a little football. We listened to some English summer songs packed with summer vocabulary which we the practiced the vocabulary with English worksheets, it’s all about the sun, sea and sand! After lunch we danced the afternoon away with fun english action songs. To finish off we watched some summer stories to calm down after a day packed with summer fun activities.

Campamento de verano Círculo de Amistad 2018 (Inscripción online)

SPORteam Consulting organiza un año más el Campamento de Verano del Círculo de Amistad XII de Enero que se realizará en las instalaciones de Barranco Hondo los meses de junio, julio y agosto dirigido a socios de 4 a 14 años, con actividades deportivas, lúdicas y educativas.

Para realizar la inscripción sólo tiene que rellenar el formulario que se adjunta a continuación:

CUENTA CORRIENTE: ES37 2100 6617 8722 0030 7096

English Urban Summer Camp Hispano Inglés 2018 (Inscripción)

Adjuntamos toda la información y la inscripción online para una nueva edición del English Urban Summer Camp que se realiza en el Colegio Hispano Inglés en los meses de junio y julio. El campamento está organizado por SPORteam Consulting bajo la coordinación de Jöel Hernández Claverie y con la colaboración del Conservatorio Oficial de Música de Hispano Inglés.

Happy Easter from our Urban Camp!

These three days have been non stop hoppin’ fun! Full of Easter themed activities and more.

To name a few, on Monday we had a round of Hot Potato, which the children loved to play! The winner was Antonio (Congrats!). Then we made some portraits related to Easter, they were all very cute and we also had fun while we climbed the rocky wall. The kids were super brave, even the youngest gave it a try! Later on we had some fun with a few games like Chess, Parchis, Tic Tac Toe, or role playing with toys.

On Tuesday we had our cute egg race with a spoon! Everybody had great balance, the eggs only fell a few times! The winner of the race was Kyra (Congrats!). She finished in just 15 seconds! After that, we played Guess the Animal, we had to imitate and act as animals (with no sound!) and the others had to guess. The winner, with most points was Dario (Congrats!). We also had lots of fun decorating a cute easter bunny sheet with different craft materials while watching some videos and cartoons related to Easter, like Peppa Pig.

On the last day, we played Musical Chairs while we sang a danced the song Happy by Pharrell, that was playing along a Minions short, it was one of the best activities! The winner was Julia! (Congrats!) We also had a great time making Easter eggs out of Play-Doh and decorating them with different colours of Play-Doh and stickers, they were all great!

Even though it wasn’t many days; we had a blast here at the English Easter Urban Camp and hope you all enjoy the rest of the holidays!