Engish Urban Summer Camp: July, Day 21

The fun is coming to an end, today we have worked really hard getting our final Indonesian Show ready for tomorrow. Throughout the month we have practiced separately, however not all together as a group, and we have done an amazing job! We can see that all the hard work has paid off! You just wait until you see it all put together with all of our accessories that we have made in crafts, from bracelets and crowns to corsets.
To unwind we have had our usual dip in the pool and meditation session, which after a hard days work was well needed.
I am going to make the most of this blog to personally say thankyou to the parents that have trusted in us to look after your children this summer, it has been an honor and we have had so much fun together. Have a great well deserved summer break.

English Urban Summer Camp: July, Day 20

«Funtastic» Friday! 🎉

Today is our last Friday here at the urban camp, but we are going out with a bang! 💥 As many of you might have known, today was the second foam bath party. 😎

Before the party we spent some time in the music workshop, playing some sports or games and finishing all the crafts related to our Indonesian surprise for Tuesday. 🇮🇩

The bubble bath party started right after breakfast / snack time.

Once again we warmed up while we danced to «El cocodrilo» or «El baile de la fruta», then the party started full-on!
We also danced to «Mambo Number 5», «Calypso» and many other songs. The kids loved the foam, there were a few moments when the wind made foam tornados, it was super cool.

After the bubble bath we relaxed with our daily dose of meditation 😑 uand then we went of home. Have a great weekend, see you on Monday (and Tuesday!) 👋

English Urban Summer Camp: July, Day 19

4 days away from our final Indonesian show, we spent this Thursday refining some final details, crafting sceneries, accessories, and having a blast in between hours with the disney plushies on the playroom.

Also, after breakfast some spent a few hours practicing some typical Indonesian sports, and some others played football and basketball as usual, until it was time to have lunch.

So before going home we finished watching Moana, which is one of the most cool Disney princesses ever (she is always enjoying summer!).

Now we are having some rest at home and getting ready for the bubble party tomorrow for a perfect end of the week!

English Urban Summer Camp: July, Day 18

Today was football day! We started the morning playing some different games about football like circling sticks or shooting freekicks and penaltys trying make goals. After that we played a match all together..it was ¡amazing! Both team had been playing so good..they ended up shooting some penaltys to decide who was the winner.

English Urban Summer Camp: July, Day 17

We are in the last week of the Urbam Camp.
Another year we can say that it is a great experience to share and learn moments from other cultures.

After much effort and always playfully, we have put into practise three melodíes of xylophone with their respective accompaniments; always looking for the closest to the music of Gamelan.

Finally today we have recordered all the instrumental part, wich will be used as a dance accompaniment.

We are very excited about our musical activity, since we know we will do a great staging, and this is something that helps us grove in several aspects apart from the great teamwork we have achieved.

A for our festival!