English Urban Summer Camp: Day 8

Today all the groups have watered their seedbeds that they made yesterday with oregano and they have started the routine to water the seedbed everyday.

Also, they have started to do a poster for the vegetable garden.

In sports,today they have done a circuit with the cones.

In music ,the children are progressing with their dance and instruments.

In english,today they have learnt about a certain type of drum called «atabaque» and they have watched videos about how this drum is played and its origen.

Today wednesday has been a very interesting day

English Urban Summer Camp: Day 7

Brazillian morning un the Urbam

We are starting a workshop, and starting to get closer to the Brazilian musical culture.

We starded with básico rhythms off samba, adapting the difficulties by groups.

On the other hand, and concentrely today,we have practiced Brazilian stories, characterizing each character or circunstance with a Percusion instruments.

The children have developed their imagination and creation in the interpretative and narrative part, leaving a great enthusiasm for following sessions.

Just like the rest of the day we have had fun with other activities, such as gardening, sports.. etc.

In short, a very fun day that would surealy repeat..

Of course, each sessions ends with a meditación, to learn at first to control our breathing and end the day at state of peace.

English Urban Summer Camp: Day 6

Today the children have had a small introduction to the country we will be focusing on this summer, Brasil.

During our English lesson we have talked about the brasilian flag and its colours, we have even prepared our very own. Afterwards off we went to our music corner and began to familiarise ourselves with the instruments we will be using throughout the month of July to perform music from Brasil.

Whilst in our craft/gardening time we have been preparing plastic cups for planting seeds, personalising them with stickers.Of course let’s not forget our cooling off time at the pool.

After our lunch we spent some time in meditation, learning how to breath correctly to relax our minds and bodies.

English Urban Summer Camp: Day 5

Today has been all about the water. As the days get warmer we try to find new ways of keeping ourselves cool, and of course have fun at at the same time. So today after our breakfast we got ourselves ready for a water balloon fight and prepared our water guns. We also played hot potatoe, but this time we used a cup of water instead, when the music stops whoever has the cup has to throw the water over themselves. After such an eventful morning after our lunch we played some sport, Simon says, and our line game, practicing concepts such as in, out and on. Have a great weekend look forward to seeing you back on Monday.

English Urban Summer Camp: Day 4

Today we have done lots of different sport activities, we were weaving through cones, jumping like a kangaroo to jump hurdles and crawling under poles. Later we had a cool off in our paddling pools.

In the afternoon we finished off our butterfly craft that we had started yesterday, giving our buttflies a body and some anteni. Using stickers we made our buttflies extra original.

As today was Irene’s birthdays, we sang to her and played with balloons.