English Urban Summer Camp: Day 13

Today ,Wednesday ,all the groups have collaborated in the making of the decoration for the festival.

We have created some flowers to decorate the skirts, shorts and tops of the brasil outfits.

And they have learnt everything about the clothes.

Also,we have shared the time and we have put the water in the seedbeds of oregano that have already started to flower.

We follow to learn and to enjoy!

English Urban Summer Camp: Day 12

Second week in Brazil

We continue to practice and learn Brazilian concepts, dance and percussion.

The samba has brought us closer to enjoying and moving conscious parts of the body that we had not experienced before.

On the other hand the boys have approached and are practicing Capoeira…

Capoeira its an Afro- brazilian maritial art that combines facets of dance and acrobatics, as well as corporal experession.

It was developed in Brazil by African descendants with indigenous influences probably at the beginning of the 16th century.

Lets continued learning and enyojing.

English Urban Summer Camp: Day 11

Today in Fun English time we have looked more into the making and the origen of the atabaque. We looked at the materials used and the time dedicated to create this instrument. We have seen some videos about how the atabaque is made and played.

The children have practised the pronunciation of certain English words which has been fun. Also we had a small look at what occasions this instrument is used, such as during capoeira.

To decorate our classroom we have made a mural using the brazilian colours, and the 27 white stars. Without a doubt we have had our time to chill out at the pool, and take part in our music, sports and craft activities.

English Urban Summer Camp: Day 10

On Fridays we do things differently and today was no exception.

We visited the García Sanabria Park in groups of two. There we saw many frogs, we counted more than 30! Then we went to the kids playground and played on the slide, swings and we got our hands a little dirty with the sand.

Meanwhile the other two groups were playing sports and doing crafts at the school. However, they also went to the park and we were very lucky as there still were many frogs!

Today was a very nice day out and we had fun in the park and also in the school.

Now the weekend comes and our adventures in the Summer Camp will continue on Monday. Until next week!

English Urban Summer Camp: Day 9

Today was The fourth day of the week in the camp and we had fun and played different sports and got involved in competitions.

As it was very hot, we decided to refresh ourselves from so much excercising and sport in the different pools.

After bathing and changing clothes we did several crafts and we have played the drums,so that the fun didnt stop.

This has been another exciting day in the camp.