Englis Urban Summer Camp: Day 23

This Wednesday is the last before the Urban Camp finishes.

Yet every child is getting the things ready for the festival that will take place next Wednesday.

Today all the groups have been in the vegetable Garden and they have learned the importance of putting water and tidying all the seedbeds and also taking care of the seeds that grew which they planted throughout these weeks.

And they look at how their plants have grown with amazement and they have grown because they are taking care of them.

English Urban Summer Camp: Day 22

Last week before acting!

This week we are gathering all the groups to put into practice our final function.

Althought we are children without musical experience, during these weeks we have practiced basic Samba rhythms with brazilian characteristic instrumentrumentation.

We have all gone througt left- handed( large drums), boxes( small drums) and small percussion as keys, tambourines, and maracas.

As we have assembled our childrens batucada we have our brazilian group dance, wich we have put into practice all after breackfast.

We continue with enthusiasm, and sharing experiences with our friends, wich is little left.

English Urban Summer Camp: Day 21

Today we have been looking at different interest g facts about Brazil. Some of the older children have done a word search in relation to facts of Brazil.

The younger children have been looking at the greatest natural habitat in the world, the Amazon, and its animals. Learning about the most popular animals of Brazil such as the colourful parrots and cheeky monkeys.

The children have also finished colouring their musical instrument that they have been making it is similar to castanets, however using a metal bottle top, therefore the sound made will be different.

Without fail we have enjoyed our relaxing moment in the water to cool down on the hot day!

English Urban Summer Camp: Day 20

This Friday morning we had our faces painted with butterflies, crowns and different artworks so that our costumes were accompanied. After that we walked a little runway to show our costumes to our friends, we stroke some poses and danced.

Then we had breakfast and as it was very hot and sunny outside it was the greatest day to have A WATER FIGHT! We had our water guns and our balloons filled with water, we had so much fun in the pools, we all got soaking wet!

What a way of saying farewell to this week. Until Monday!