English Urban Summer Camp: July, Day 8

Hi everyone! Today, Wednesday we started the day at 8:00 am in our super Summer Camp.
The first Group that I took was the group 5, the oldest. Some of our guys were playing a football match with me and the other kids were playing tenis, basket and some different games.
Then, I caught Group 1, the smallest kids and we were playing everybody together running around the playground and playing “hiding place”.
After that, from 10:30 am until 11:15 am we had a delicious breakfast.
Then, the Group 4 came with me to the playground and play some funny games.
Immediately after them Group 2, our little ladies were playing with clay and passing the ball with the racket (obviously carefully).
Finally, we finish playing several groups together like skipping rope, splashing in the pool and having an a great great time!

English Urban Summer Camp: July, Day 7

Second week in Indonesia
Despite this heat, we still want to play xilophones, drums, crótalos, and get a little closer to this culture.
We have already learned three melodies and two dances with witch we have fun and put our skills into practice.

We love sharing theese moments of musical learning, because involuntarily they involved other intrinsic ones.

There is still work until our final function, but with hope and positivity everything is achieved .

English Urban Summer Camp: July, Day 6

Another day, another week. Today we have been practicing more summer vocabulary the older children filled out the missing letters to complete the summer words. We have enjoyed our time together, and certainly needed to refresh ourselves in the pool. The younger children did a sea shell dot to dot. In crafts we have made pai pais which is a traditional Asian fan. In sports today we have played some team games. The games haven’t stopped in our playroom and of course we have done our daily meditation 🧘‍♀ to chill out!

English Urban Summer Camp: July, Day 5

Hi everybody! Today (Friday, or should I say …Funday!) we’ve gone to the park Parque García Sanabria!🌿
We went in two groups, first the little ones and then the others. While one group was at the park, the rest did fun activities and/or watched a film! 🎥

When we reached the park, we first took a small walk around it, we saw some gardeners watering all the trees and plants. It was very warm today, but we refreshed ourselves with some water too. 💦 In the playground we got on the slides, the swings and anything we could find! The maze was lots of fun aswell. It was all great fun and we can’t wait for monday! 🌞