English Urban Summer Camp: Day 15

They say Friday is the best day of the week and in our camp it certainly was!

In the morning we planted lavender seeds with Groups 3 and 4, they watered their seedbeds while groups 1 and 2 were preparing their costumes for the festival.

After breakfast, we did a Gymkhana. The first ones were groups 3 and 4 who enjoyed the 3 courses we prepared, a relay race with their shoes tied together, a wheelbarrow race and then a small assault course whereas groups 1 and 2 were having loads of fun in the pools. Then came their turn, they all did a small assault course and then a very fun and different race, an ANIMAL race, we made teams of 8 or 9, and each team member was an animal for example a donkey and that person had to walk in all fours and do the animals’ noise. Groups 3 and 4 went to the pools to have fun and relax after the different trials.

And like that, another week has gone by.

See you all on Monday with more fun!

English Urban Summer Camp: Day 14

Today, Thursday, July 11, we have started a new day in the camp.

We have dedicated the day to do different sports and traditional games.

On the other hand we’ve practiced the song and dance for the end of camp performance.

We’ve started to make clothes for the show and we have laughed a lot.

Today has been Alice’s day and we sang happy birthday and ate cake.

It has been another unforgettable day in the summer camp.

English Urban Summer Camp: Day 13

Today ,Wednesday ,all the groups have collaborated in the making of the decoration for the festival.

We have created some flowers to decorate the skirts, shorts and tops of the brasil outfits.

And they have learnt everything about the clothes.

Also,we have shared the time and we have put the water in the seedbeds of oregano that have already started to flower.

We follow to learn and to enjoy!